Argyle Associates boasts a team of exceptional surgeons who are at the forefront of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Among our esteemed current surgeons are Dr. Ian Buckley, Dr. Kevin J. Butterfield, Dr. Adam M. Irvine, Dr. Andrew Wing Cheong Lee, Dr. Taylor P. McGuire, and Dr. Hassan G. Moghadam. Each brings a wealth of experience and expertise to their practice, ensuring patients receive the highest standard of care. Their dedication to innovation and patient-centered approach are evident in every procedure they perform.

In addition to our current surgeons, we also honor the legacy of our retired surgeons, including Dr. H. Richard Biewald, Dr. Samuel P. Kucey, and Dr. Ed Zeligman. Their contributions have helped shape Argyle Associates into the leading institution it is today, and their commitment to excellence continues to inspire our practice.

With a combined wealth of knowledge and a passion for improving patient outcomes, our surgeons are dedicated to providing unparalleled care. Whether it's complex surgical procedures or routine treatments, patients can trust in the skill and expertise of the surgeons at Argyle Associates.