Accessibility Pledge

Accessibility Pledge: We offer accessible formats of this document free of charge upon request.

In our commitment to excellence, ARGYLE OMFS SERVICES INC. actively ensures the provision of goods and services to all customers, emphasizing inclusivity for those with disabilities

To further enhance our dedication, we continually assess and refine our practices, welcoming feedback to better tailor our services to the unique needs of every individual.

In our pursuit of excellence, we envision delivering the highest standard of care in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

In our aspiration to become the preferred center for dental and medical professionals, we prioritize seamless collaboration and comprehensive patient care in all oral and maxillofacial surgery cases. Furthermore, we are dedicated to fostering strong partnerships with healthcare professionals, ensuring a cohesive approach to deliver exceptional services.

In fulfilling our Accessibility Pledge, our oral surgery office actively prioritizes the dignity and independence of individuals with disabilities. We are committed to delivering services promptly, ensuring equal access and benefits. Furthermore, our goal is to provide people with disabilities the same opportunities as other patients, ideally in the same location and manner. If necessary, we will collaboratively work with individuals to identify alternative means for access.


Actively adapting our communication for people with disabilities, we consider their unique needs.

Assistive Devices

Moreover, our staff undergo comprehensive training on various assistive devices used by customers with disabilities.

Service Animals

Notably, we warmly welcome individuals with disabilities and their service animals to accessible parts of our premises.

Support Persons

Furthermore, individuals with disabilities accompanied by a support person incur no fees for their presence on our premises.

Notice of Temporary Disruption

In case of disruptions, we promptly notify customers, providing details and alternative options when available.

Accessible Emergency Information

Importantly, Argyle OMFS Services Inc. commits to offering accessible emergency information upon request to customers and clients.

Training for Staff

Additionally, we train our staff comprehensively, covering the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, customer service standards, and interactions with people with disabilities. The ongoing training includes using assistive devices, patient transfer protocol, and addressing difficulties in accessing our services. Staff is promptly informed of any changes to the plan.

Our overarching objective is to surpass patient expectations, especially when serving individuals with disabilities. We welcome and appreciate comments on our services. For feedback on how our oral surgery office serves people with disabilities, you can contact your surgeon through various methods (in person, by telephone, by email, in writing, etc.).

If you have an accessibility complaint, please address it directly with your surgeon. Your surgeon is dedicated to collaborating with you to resolve any concerns.

In our commitment to fostering a supportive environment, we actively develop office policies that respect and promote the dignity of people with disabilities. Before implementing changes, we thoroughly consider their potential impact on individuals with disabilities. Furthermore, we proactively modify or remove any office policy that does not align with the principles of respecting the dignity and independence of people with disabilities.

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