How We Work with Your Dentist

How We Work with Your Dentist

Your Dentist & healthcare team is here for you.

When you are referred to Argyle Associates, we work as an extension of your dentist, orthodontist, or physician. They rely on us to provide specialized care. We begin with information provided by your doctors and we keep them informed about all aspects of your treatment.

Our Vision

To deliver the highest standard of care in oral and maxillofacial surgery

Our Mission

Striving to become the center of choice for dental and medical professionals when their patients require any kind of oral and maxillofacial surgery is our primary goal.

Facts About Anaesthesia Surgery

Your Dentist Information

Referral Information

Upon receiving details about your condition from your dentist or physician, our team at Argyle Associates may, in specific instances, actively engage in direct consultation between your dentist and surgeon. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive and tailored care plan, aiming to meet your specific needs effectively and efficiently.

X-Ray Images

X-Ray Images

X-ray images play a crucial role in comprehending your healthcare needs. In the event that your dentist has already taken x-rays and/or CBCT scans, they can be sent to our office. Additionally, we have the capability to conduct any additional x-rays here if deemed necessary.

Ongoing Communication

Ongoing Communication

The best results can be achieved when we work as a team. Our surgeons, nurses, and treatment coordinators collaborate closely with your dentist with that goal in mind. Beyond our expertise in the surgical room, we’ll also work with your dentist’s office to support you with financinginsurance, and follow-up care.

Multi-Disciplinary Care

Some procedures require us to work in close collaboration with other professionals. For example:

  • We work closely with restorative dentists for dental implants
  • For corrective jaw surgery, we always work with your orthodontist for the best possible results
  • For tooth extractions/impacted teeth, we work closely with family dentists
  • For trauma cases and other major surgeries, we may collaborate with several other physicians and hospital-based specialists

Rest assured that we will remain in close communication with all members of your healthcare team.

Why Your Dentist Referred You to Us

Why Your Dentist Referred You to Us

Dentists refer their patients to us for various reasons, with trust and the quality of care topping the list. Being included in your healthcare team is an honor, and ensuring outstanding service necessitates excellent communication.

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