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The Short Answer is No

A lot of people have asked us whether they need a referral from a dentist to get their wisdom teeth removed at Argyle Associates in Ottawa.

Knowing When It’s Time for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Emerging Wisdom Teeth Pose a Threat to the Rest of Your Mouth

If you’re reading this article it’s probably for one of two reasons. Perhaps your dentist referred you to Argyle Associates? Or maybe you happened upon this page while searching for more information regarding wisdom tooth removal? In either case, we’re glad you’re here. Not that we’re glad you’re experiencing pain or are otherwise facing one of life’s less-than-pleasant rites of passage. But we’re glad you’re considering us to help you through this procedure. Our surgeons are here for all your wisdom teeth removal needs in Ottawa.

For some people, wisdom teeth cause no issues so leaving them in is not a problem. For those who do need their wisdom teeth removed but don’t go through the procedure, this can cause some long-term oral health issues. Partially erupted wisdom teeth may cause a bacterial infection called pericoronitis. Wisdom teeth that don’t erupt can cause a cyst to develop which can lead to bone and gum damage. Wisdom teeth can also come in crooked and permanently damage adjacent teeth or impact the alignment of your bite. Argyle Associates is here to help you determine if wisdom teeth removal is right for you, regardless of whether you have a referral from a dentist.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Referrals
from Your Dentist’s Office

If your dentist or someone else in his or her office referred you to us, welcome to Argyle Associates!

We’re Ottawa’s experts in wisdom tooth removal and other oral surgery procedures, with four conveniently located and friendly clinics across the National Capital Region to serve you.

Although they’ve probably recommended wisdom tooth removal to you, the first thing we’ll do is set up an appointment for consultation. We’ll go over your overall oral health, examining your teeth and gums and looking at x-rays and/or other imaging.

Once we’ve evaluated your situation, should we concur that wisdom tooth removal
is necessary, we’ll set up a surgical appointment for you to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Without Referral

If you’re here on your own, so to speak, it’s not a problem at all.

Perhaps you’re experiencing some or all of the following:

Pain in teeth /
jaw / gums

Infection of gum tissue
behind lower last tooth

Cysts or

Gum disease

Damage to nearby teeth

Tooth decay

… If you still have your wisdom teeth (whether fully grown in, partially emerged, or present in the gums), those could very well be the culprit of the above symptoms. Get in touch with one of our four dental offices in Ottawa. We’ll book an initial consultation for you, wherein we examine your teeth and gums, go over your oral health history and run dental imaging as called for. That way we can determine whether you need your wisdom teeth removed.

If that’s the case, we’ll set up your next appointment which will be when the tooth or teeth are removed.

How to Book Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery in Ottawa

Whether you’ve been referred to Argyle Associates in Ottawa by your dentist or you’re coming to us directly, it will be our pleasure to provide you with the highest level of care and service.

Contact us today to find out more and book your first appointment.

Looking into the next steps in getting your wisdom teeth removed?

Yes, you can. You don’t need a referral from your dentist to get the process started with our team. At Argyle Associates, we provide patients with consultation appointments to determine whether wisdom teeth need to come out. Once we have evaluated your individual situation we will determine whether wisdom teeth removal is necessary. If it is determined to be necessary, we will set up a surgical appointment to have your wisdom teeth removed.

If you’re experiencing pain in your teeth that you suspect is caused by your wisdom teeth, you do not need a referral to arrange a consultation appointment with Argyle Associates. Book your appointment today.

Whether you were referred to us by your dentist, we require that patients undergo a consultation appointment prior to scheduling a surgical appointment. During this initial consultation, we will take a close look at your overall oral health, examine your teeth and gums, and analyze x-rays and other imaging. Based on what we find, we will determine whether wisdom tooth surgery is necessary for you. If it is, we will schedule an appointment to have them removed.

Get started with an initial consultation regarding wisdom tooth removal in Ottawa. Contact us for appointment availability today.

No, you cannot. In order to remove your wisdom teeth, we require a clear understanding of your oral health situation to determine whether your wisdom teeth really need to come out. The only way we can do that is if we have a consultation appointment. The consultation is an essential aspect of any oral surgery procedure. It not only provides patients with the chance to learn about the procedure and how to prepare, but it also gives our oral surgeons the chance to assess the patient’s individual situation and determine the most effective solutions. No two patients are exactly alike, so it is essential to have a proper consultation before surgery.

If you suspect you may be in need of wisdom teeth removal in Ottawa, book a consultation with our team today.

As we have already mentioned, no two patients are alike. That means wisdom teeth removal does not always take the same amount of time from one patient to the next. That said generally speaking the wisdom tooth removal procedure takes less than an hour. Your Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon will be able to give you a more precise estimate during your initial consultation.

If you’re interested in learning more about wisdom tooth removal in Ottawa, explore our resources or contact us with any questions you may have.

That depends on your individual situation. For some people, keeping wisdom teeth causes no problems. Some people are born without a third set of molars or wisdom teeth. For those who do need their wisdom teeth removed and do not get the procedure done, partially erupted wisdom teeth can lead to a bacterial infection called pericoronitis. Wisdom teeth that don’t erupt can lead to the development of a cyst which can damage bone and gum tissue. Wisdom teeth that come in crooked can also permanently damage adjacent teeth and negatively impact your bite’s alignment.

If your dentist has determined that you require wisdom teeth removal, it is important that you follow their advice and book a consultation appointment. Contact our team to get started with wisdom teeth removal in Ottawa.

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