We’ve Reimagined Our Carling Office!

Argyle Associates proudly reopens the Carling Office & Surgicentre West, featuring a fresh remodel for your enhanced comfort, safety, and convenience. Our aim is simple: to better serve both our valued clientele and the broader community, setting a new standard for excellence in care. Welcome to the redefined Argyle Associates experience.

Addressing your input, the Carling facility underwent upgrades for a cozier Ottawa dental surgery clinic. Notable updates encompass the refreshed reception and waiting areas, boasting new flooring, upgraded lighting, and an enhanced spacious feel. We not only strive to promote our services but also prioritize ensuring patient comfort.

Continuing our commitment to hygiene and safety, we meticulously chose furnishings and materials that can be easily kept clean, coupled with regular surface sanitization. As a leading Ottawa dental surgery practice, our dedication to constant improvement defines the patient experience. Witness the commitment to excellence in the newly remodeled Carling office.

Services We Offer At Carling & Surgicentre West

Argyle Associates’ goal is to provide the closest, highest quality care to Ottawa residents with locations citywide. Furthermore, patients have rated Argyle Associates #1 on RateMD among all medical facilities and clinics in Ottawa, highlighting its excellent work and customer satisfaction in procedures such as wisdom tooth removal, dental implants, TMJ dysfunction, and other dental procedures. Notably, our top-rated surgeons perform over 2000 dental implants and thousands of wisdom tooth removals annually. Therefore, you can trust Argyle Associates for your oral surgery needs, supported by the expertise of the most experienced team in Ottawa. To experience our exceptional services firsthand, visit our Nepean Oral Surgeons and staff on Carling today.

Our Carling clinic, conveniently located near the intersection of Carling and Woodroffe has plenty of parking for our patients, including a number of accessible parking spots.

If you have been referred to us from your dentist, we are happy to welcome you to Argyle Associates. If you do not have a referral, that’s no problem at all. If you are experiencing pain, discomfort, cysts, tooth damage, decay, or other symptoms of tooth loss you can book a consultation appointment. In this appointment, we can assess whether your wisdom teeth need removing. If they do we will set up your next appointment where your wisdom teeth are removed.

The time for wisdom teeth removal varies from patient to patient. That said, wisdom teeth removal procedures generally take less than an hour. A more accurate estimate of how long the procedure is likely to take in your case can be given to you during your initial consultation with one of our surgeons.

We accepts the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Debit
  • Certified Cheque
  • Cash (please bring the exact amount.

Please note that Argyle Associates does not accept billing from dental insurance, however we are happy to send electronic claims and pre-determinations to your insurance company if this option is available with them. We will send electronic claims on your behalf whenever possible.

Whether or not a procedure is covered by your insurance company, it must be paid in full on the day of the procedure.


100‐2255 Carling Avenue Ottawa, ON K2B 7Z5

Our Patient Services Department is open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

Parking & Accessibility

  • Fully accessible
  • Free parking in lot