Pre-Operation Surgical Instructions

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Before your surgery at Argyle Associates, follow essential steps for a smooth process. Specific instructions will be provided by your Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon based on your operation type. For assistance or questions, contact our qualified staff. PLEASE NOTE: A $100 fee applies for cancellations with less than 2 business days' notice or no-show appointments. Voicemail cancellations are not accepted.

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What should I do before surgery?

Here is our general list of things to do (and not do) before your surgery


Do not have anything to eat or drink (no food, fluid, not even water) for at least 8 hours before your surgery time.


Brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, but do not swallow.


To ensure cleanliness and relaxation, we recommend bathing before surgery, especially since bathing may not be feasible for the first 24 hours post-operation.


Opt for loose and comfortable clothing that allows access to your arm for the intravenous injection. Refrain from wearing nail polish, gel nails, or acrylic nails. Additionally, please be aware that our facility is scent-free, so avoid using scented perfumes, colognes, and deodorants.


Plan to spend about an hour in our office, and ensure a responsible adult accompanies you, staying throughout your appointment. Avoid using public transit, as this individual will be responsible for post-operative instructions, driving you home, and staying until the sedation has worn off.


Upon completing your surgery, you will receive a prescription that should be filled on your way home. Please refer to our prescription pick-up instructions below for further guidance.


Typically, a recovery period of 3 to 4 days is necessary before resuming normal activities such as exercise and work. Please take this into account when planning, and note that driving is prohibited for 24 hours after sedation or while taking pain medications. Plan accordingly for a safe recovery.


Payment is expected at the time of your surgery. Visa, MC, Debit, Certified Cheques, and Exact Cash are accepted. Insurance forms will be completed at this time as well for your reimbursement. The person taking you home should be aware of this policy.


Instructions for Picking Up Prescriptions

Bring your ID when picking up prescriptions!

As of November 1, 2011, Ontarians are required to provide identification to their health care provider in order to receive a prescription narcotic or controlled substance medication.

Picking Up Prescriptions FAQs

We are implementing this to decrease medication misuse, addiction, illegal activities, and associated fatalities.

All Ontarians who are prescribed a narcotic or controlled substance medication.

Your health care provider can advise you if any medications you are taking are on the list. For a complete list of all affected medications, please go to:

Furnish identification to your healthcare provider during the prescription of a narcotic or controlled substance, and ensure you present the same identification to your pharmacist when picking up your medication. This measure is in place to enhance medication safety.

If someone other than the patient needs to pick up the medication, such as a family member or friend, they must present photo ID with their name and address at the pharmacy. It’s crucial to emphasize that assigning a representative for medication pickup is permissible only if the patient has supplied a valid ID on the prescription.

Your privacy is important to us. The ministry has policies and procedures in place to protect the confidentiality and security of your personal information. Learn more at:

Your information will be used to monitor the prescribing and dispensing activity for prescription narcotics and controlled substances to promote awareness of appropriate prescribing, dispensing, and use.

  • Ontario Health Card or other health card issued by a province or territory in Canada
  • Valid Driver’s License (issued by Ontario or other jurisdiction)Ontario Photo Card
  • Birth Certificate from Canadian province or territory
  • Government-issued Employee Identification Card
  • Ontario Outdoors Card
  • BYID (age of majority card)
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Valid Passport – Canadian or another country of residence
  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
  • Canadian Immigration ID Card
  • Permanent Residence Card
  • Old Age Security (OAS) ID Card
  • Canadian Armed Forces ID Card
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police/Provincial/Municipal Police Identification
  • Firearms Possession and Acquisition License (PAL)
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