Argyle Associates’ Barrhaven clinic offers plenty of parking for all our patients, including two accessible parking spots. Our clinic is conveniently located at the corner of Strandherd and Woodroffe.

At Argyle Associates we are the wisdom tooth removal experts. We have performed thousands of wisdom teeth removals at all of our locations, including our Barrhaven clinic. If you require wisdom teeth removal,contact us today.

Argyle Associates is proud to offer IV sedation services for patients at our Barrhaven clinic. IV Sedations allows patients to sleep throughout their surgical procedure, and is typically reserved for individuals with severe anxiety or undergoing a more complex procedure. Your surgeon will discuss your anaesthesia options with you during your initial consultation. Learn more about you anaesthesia options today.

If you have been referred to us from a dentist, you will still require a consultation appointment. We need to have a clear understanding of your oral health situation and determine which procedures are necessary, and how to go about them. The consultation appointments are also an opportunity for patients to learn about the upcoming procedure and how to prepare.