Navigating the path of cleft lip and palate conditions with a child can be an emotional journey for families. These congenital anomalies, presenting as physical separations of the lip or roof of the mouth, are more than cosmetic concerns. They affect essential functions like eating, speaking, and hearing, posing challenges that extend beyond physical health. At Argyle Associates, we’ve dedicated ourselves to being more than just surgeons. We are partners in your child’s transformative journey, offering comprehensive, empathetic care in Ottawa.

Understanding Cleft Lip and Palate

The Foundation of Knowledge

The journey starts with understanding. Cleft lip and cleft palate develop during fetal growth when certain tissue formations don’t occur as they typically should, leading to physical gaps evident at birth. These conditions can influence various aspects of a child’s life, making early intervention critical. At Argyle Associates, we emphasize education, ensuring families are well-prepared for the road ahead. Our comprehensive evaluation process involves a multidisciplinary team approach, considering all health factors and setting the stage for a successful surgical outcome.

Individual Assessment for a Tailored Approach

Every child’s case is unique, which is why a one-size-fits-all solution simply doesn’t work. Our initial assessment is thorough, involving various specialists to grasp the full scope of your child’s needs. This isn’t just about planning for surgery; it’s about crafting a holistic strategy for improved quality of life, encompassing health, functionality, and emotional well-being.

Argyle Associates’ Personalized Surgical Approach

Customized Surgical Solutions

In the realm of cleft lip and palate surgery, customization is key. I’ve been part of countless procedures, each one distinct from the last. Our team at Argyle Associates is not only highly skilled and experienced but also empathetic to the nuances of each case. We tailor every surgical plan to meet the individual needs of the child, focusing on optimal functional and aesthetic results. The objective is clear: to enable your child to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

Embracing Advanced Techniques and Technology

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our adoption of the latest surgical methods and cutting-edge technology. The advanced equipment in our operating rooms ensures each procedure is conducted with precision and the highest regard for patient safety. But our job doesn’t end in the operating room. Post-operative care is crucial, and our team is diligent in monitoring your child’s recovery, providing the necessary support to navigate any complications that may arise.


In summary, the journey through cleft lip or palate surgery is one filled with challenges, but also hope. At Argyle Associates, we’re dedicated to making this journey a transformative experience, marked by comprehensive care, personalized surgical strategies, and a deep commitment to each child’s overall well-being. We understand the intricacies involved and extend our expertise to ensure every family receives the support and care they deserve. If you’re in Ottawa and facing this journey with your child, you’re not alone. Reach out to Argyle Associates, and let’s walk this path together, towards healing and a brighter future.


Question: What makes Argyle Associates the right choice for cleft lip and palate surgery in Ottawa?

Answer: Argyle Associates is a leading provider of cleft lip and palate surgery due to our comprehensive, empathetic approach and commitment to using advanced surgical techniques. Our team of highly skilled professionals ensures that each case is handled with personalized care, focusing on optimal functional and aesthetic outcomes for your child. With four convenient locations, we are accessible and dedicated to serving the Ottawa community.

Question: How soon should I consult with a surgeon after my child is diagnosed with a cleft lip or palate?

Answer: It’s advisable to consult with a surgeon as soon as possible after diagnosis. Early intervention is often crucial for the best outcomes. At Argyle Associates, we’re prepared to guide you through the initial assessment and discuss the comprehensive care plan tailored for your child’s needs. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures that all aspects of your child’s condition are thoroughly evaluated.

Question: What can I expect during the recovery period after my child’s cleft surgery?

Answer: Post-operative care is crucial to your child’s recovery and overall outcome. You can expect several follow-up appointments to monitor healing, assess progress, and manage any complications. Our team at Argyle Associates is committed to providing continued support, guidance, and care throughout the entire recovery process, ensuring your child returns to normal activities as quickly and safely as possible.

Question: How can I schedule a consultation or learn more about cleft lip and palate surgery at Argyle Associates?

Answer: To learn more about our approach to cleft lip and palate surgery, please contact our main office at (613) 778-8888 or email us at We are here to answer all your questions and provide the support you need. With four locations throughout Ottawa, we are readily available to serve you and your family at your convenience.