About Dr. Ed Zeligman

Dr. Zeligman has practiced oral and maxillofacial surgery since the 1980s. He joined Argyle Associates in 1984. He has been on active staff at many of the region’s hospitals. From 1990-97 he was Head of Division Dentistry/Oral Surgery at Montfort Hospital.

Dr. Zeligman retired in December, 2019.

Argyle Associates offers expert bone grafting services to restore jawbone strength and density. Our experienced surgeons specialize in various bone grafting techniques to prepare patients for dental implants or to address bone loss due to trauma, infection, or other conditions. Using advanced procedures and state-of-the-art technology, we ensure optimal outcomes while prioritizing patient comfort and safety. Whether you require bone augmentation for implant placement or jaw reconstruction, our team is committed to delivering top-quality care tailored to your specific needs. Trust Argyle Associates for superior bone grafting services and regain confidence in your smile and oral health.

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