Preparing for Wisdom Tooth Surgery at Argyle Associates

Welcome back to our series on wisdom tooth removal. Having covered why and when wisdom teeth might need to be removed, this second blog post focuses on how to prepare for wisdom tooth surgery at Argyle Associates, the trusted choice for oral surgery in Ottawa, Ontario. Proper preparation can significantly ease the process and enhance your comfort and recovery.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Your journey begins with an initial consultation at one of Argyle Associates’ four Ottawa locations. During this meeting, one of our expert oral surgeons will examine your mouth and take detailed X-rays or possibly a 3D scan.// If xrays are available at your referring dentist, we will acquire them. This helps us understand the position of your wisdom teeth and any potential impacts on your dental health. We’ll review your medical history, discuss any concerns you may have, and explain the procedure and anesthesia options.

Step 2: Discussing Anesthesia Options

Wisdom tooth extraction can be performed under local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia, depending on the complexity of the case and your comfort level. Our surgeons are skilled in all types of anesthesia and will help you choose the best option for your needs:

  • Local Anesthesia numbs the area around your wisdom teeth, allowing you to stay awake but pain-free during the procedure.
  • Sedation Anesthesia provides a deeper level of relaxation and typically involves being semi-conscious but still responsive.
  • General Anesthesia allows you to sleep through the procedure without any memory of it.

Step 3: Pre-Operative Instructions

To ensure a smooth surgery and recovery, we provide detailed pre-operative instructions. These may include:

  • Avoiding eating or drinking for at least 6 to 8 hours before your surgery if you’re receiving sedation or general anesthesia.// 8 hrs only applies to sedation anesthesia. General anesthesia must fast from midnight
  • Arranging for someone to drive you home after the procedure.
  • Avoiding smoking and alcohol as they can hinder the healing process.
  • Preparing a recovery area at home where you can rest comfortably after the surgery.
Step 4: Preparing at Home

Setting up your home for post-surgery recovery is key. Here are some tips:

  • Stock up on soft foods like yogurt, soup, and applesauce, which are easy on your mouth post-surgery.
  • Have ice packs ready to help manage swelling.
  • Keep extra pillows to prop yourself up and reduce swelling.
  • Organize entertainment like books, movies, or music to keep you relaxed during recovery.
Step 5: The Night Before Surgery

The night before your wisdom tooth removal, make sure to follow all the instructions provided by your surgeon. Get a good night’s sleep, as rest is crucial for a successful surgery and recovery.


Preparing for wisdom tooth removal doesn’t have to be stressful. At Argyle Associates in Ottawa, our team is committed to providing you with all the information and support you need for a smooth and comfortable experience. If you have any last-minute questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (613) 778-8888 or

Stay tuned for our next post, where we will walk you through the wisdom tooth extraction procedure itself, demystifying what happens during the surgery to help you feel more prepared and confident.

Whether you’re experiencing discomfort from your wisdom teeth or just preparing for their eventual removal, remember that Argyle Associates is here to guide you every step of the way. Your health and comfort are our top priorities.